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Spring Break and the Really Big Earthquake

It’s time for Spring Break! For many, Spring Break is the start of the family road trip season in the Pacific Northwest. Taking the kids and the pets to the Pacific Coast, or up to the Cascades in early Spring is one of the great joys of living in this part of the country. While just preparing for a road trip with a car kit is important, if you are vacationing anywhere from Northern California to British Columbia, making sure you’re prepared for a 9.0 mega earthquake to strike while…

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Donuts are for Dunking (and Delicious!)

Seattle’s KING5 TV has some excellent tips for snow driving. Before Winter Weather returns… Brush Up On Winter Driving Snow doesn’t happen all that often in the Pacific Northwest, but when it does, it can be a real challenge for getting around. Most don’t have or need snow tires or carry chains, and few true Webfoots have has enough time driving on snow to get real practice time in. AWD or 4WD does not matter if you’re driving too fast for conditions, or don’t leave enough distance. has come…

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Driving through A Winter Wonderland

Looking to hit the Road for the Thanksgiving Holiday? Resilient NW has a ton of great tips for being prepared for any road trip Make sure your car is prepared. Have a car kit Check the route Oregon Trip Check – Washington State DOT  – BC Highway Cams – Have fun!   View in FEMA Multimedia Library  

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