Burning Down The House – Fire Season Starts Now!

It rained the floods of Noah for nine months… so what? Fire season is upon us.

As you bask in the glory of the first decent long weekend since the dawn of time remember that you, too, can burn down the house, forest, village – it takes one carelessly tossed cigarette, errant ember, or still hot bbq coal.

I’m a huge pyromaniac, all about the camp/bonfire, but campfires can cause wildfires and wildfires can cause loss of life, kill wildlife and destroy habitat and property.

So know before you go, and have fun this holiday long weekend!


For Oregon’s List of Fire Restrictions Click on the Map


For Washington Burn Bans Click Below

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For BC Fire Restrictions click below

Thumbnail of Open Fire Regs Infographic



Click here to start your family emergency preparedness plan

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