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Hey Baby – What’s Shakin’?

With Valentine’s Day coming up, I’m sure you might be able to think of a few reasons to want to feel the earth move. Unless you are at the level of Don Juan De Marco or a Scarlett Johansson you probably haven’t ever experienced anything like a 9.0 mega earthquake.

Good News!

317 years ago the entire Pacific Northwest shook like a 1970’s waterbed, and we are overdue for the Big One. So you could very easily get your chance. Any day. Any minute.

Gay, Straight, Single, Married, or Partnered Up, the Earth is definitely gonna move.

Here are 5 suggestions to make your Valentine’s Day special:


  1.  This Valentine’s Day slip one of these neat little family communication plan cards from FEMA in with your Valentine’s cards. Nothing says “I love you” like – “When the giant earthquake hits I want to know how to reach you and make sure you are safe and sound“.
  2. Try creative packaging for your Valentine’s gifts. I’m not going to even try and suggest replacing chocolates with Cliff, Kind, or your favourite protein bars, or make any attempt to make you think that a 72-hour emergency kit or even an emergency radio is romantic, but…. how about slipping that lingerie, chocolates, stuffed animal, or other gifts into a brand new backpack that can be used as the base for a “Go Bag”? You can even use a bright red backpack!
  3. Surprise the heck out of him/her/they by doing something completely unexpected. Trust me on this one – it works: Detail their car (or take the bike for a clean up/tune up if they don’t drive). Far cheaper than those car ads where a shiny new car is sitting in the driveway wrapped in a bow, but this will be appreciated. Do the whole deal, vacuum the interior, rent a carpet shampooer and clean the carpets, dust, get the car spotless inside, and then run it through the car wash. Once it’s all super sparkly, go the extra mile and put a Car Kit in the trunk.
  4. Forget cut flowers, they are sooo cliche. How about an herb terrarium to augment your emergency food supplies when the power goes out? Consider building a box for a vegetable garden? If cut flowers are an absolute must, maybe put them in a container that can then be sanitised and reused as a water storage device?
  5. Light the home with candles. or lanterns. or the fireplace. Or anything but the power mains. Be creative. Sure, it’s February, but if there’s an earthquake the power is very likely to go out, and so you can not only do a quick preparedness exercise to see how you’d light and/or heat the home for up to 3 weeks without power or central heat (fireplace and bearskin rug?!?! you lucky devil!), but with a little planning and creativity, turn your nest or love den into something cozy and really romantic at the same time. Buy some candles for romance, and buy double or triple to put in your emergency kit.

Have any ideas of your own? Comment below, or post on Facebook!

and remember, we here at ResilientNW love you very much. That’s why we want you prepared and safe!





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