Pencils, Paper, Books, Backpacks, and a Back To School Emergency Plan!

Changing classrooms, changing teachers, changing schools!

Make back to school time a regular part of your family’s emergency planning process.

Emergencies can happen at any time.

Back to school is hectic enough, so now is a great time to update your family emergency plan, reevaluate your emergency meeting places, contacts, and especially if starting in a new school, prepare your kids and family so that they are as resilient and prepared from day one.


Replenish, replace, update.

Check your child’s Go Bag and make sure to refresh perishables and batteries.

Did you “borrow” first aid supplies from your kit last year?

Does the flashlight work?

Have your children grown and its time to upgrade their Go Bag?

If your child rides a bike to school, check the tires, brakes, spokes, and maybe add an underseat bag with a flat change kit and extra emergency contact sheet?

Having a current and up-to-date family emergency plan is the best way to build resilient kids and have a resilient and prepared family.

A few reminders:

Ask your school administrator/Principal to review the school’s emergency plan. Is there a pre-set meeting place if the school is evacuated? Has this changed since last year?

Has your “backup” emergency contact changed? Physician? Switched cell carriers?

Have their been any changes to the roadwork on your emergency route? Are their any planned construction jobs (your local transportation dept. will know) on your planned route in the coming year?

Can your child recite the emergency contact phone number by heart?

Like an apple a day, a little preparedness planning goes a long way! 

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