Build a Go Bag

All kits should take into account who will be carrying them.

For children, creature comforts will be really important.

The American Academy of Pediatrics suggests you include these items in a

Kids Get Ready Kit

Assemble a special “Get Ready Kit: for kids. Explain to your children that you might need to leave your house during a disaster and sleep somewhere else for a while.

Here are some items you can your children could put into a backpack or container so it will be ready if needed:

  • A few favorite books, crayons, and paper.
  • Favorite small toys like dolls or action figures.
  • A board game.
  • A desk of cards.
  • A puzzle.
  • A favorite stuffed animal.
  • A favorite blanket or pillow.
  • A picture of your family and pets.
  • A box with special treasures that will help you feel safe.

Pet Get Ready Kit