72 Hour Kit

For most emergencies, a 72 hour kit should keep you stylin’ until things settle down, or help arrives.

The main difference between a Go Bag and a 72 hour kit is the amount of stuff you can carry. While a Go Bag is designed for immediate portability when you gotta evacuate fast, you might want a few more things to survive and thrive! for 72 hours than what you can carry on your back.

The biggest concern is water.

A gallon of water weighs slightly over 8 pounds. Ready.gov recommends a minimum of 1 gallon of water per person per day, and that’s just for drinking! So a 3-day supply is about 25 pounds to shlep, and if you want to wash anything, your body, your clothes, dishes, etc… you’ll need more.

The water bottle in your gym bag simply won’t cut it. As a rule of thumb, think one of those 40 lb water jugs for the office water cooler per person.





From the Path Less traveled Laura Shelton has a delightful blog article on one do-it-yourself 72 hour kit, with photos and more. A very enjoyable and informative read.