Know Your Neighbors

Emergency planners and experts agree – the best way to Prepare – Survive – Thrive in any emergency is to work together with your neighbors.

We’re All In This Together

Especially when the Big One hits, the first “commandment” of being prepared is “Know Thy Neighbors.”

Studies show that Resilience is About Relationships, Not Just Infrasctucture. 

Getting to know your neighbors is critical. It’s not only a matter of pooling skills and resources, it’s a matter of if you get cut off or isolated because a road, bridge, or overpass it out, your neighbors are your only backup.

Get involved with the Map Your Neighborhood Program

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LA has an outstanding guide to Five Steps to Neighborhood Preparedness. Check it out. 

If you’re like me, you’re not the sort to just walk up to your next door neighbor’s house and say “hi”. But if it means the difference between surviving and thriving in a disaster, it’s right where you should start.

Zillow has a five easy ways  for getting to know your neighbors. 

If you have a neighborhood association, go to a meeting. It’s actually a great way to find out what’s going on around you.

In Sean of the Dead they used the pub as the local emergency meeting place – it’s not necessarily as bad an idea as you might think.

Really the key is to know the people in your neighborhood, be aware of the area around you, and know where to go that’s close if your home becomes unsafe.