Step Four – Educate!

Ok, so you think you’re prepared and ready to Survive and Thrive!

Are you prepared as these guys?

The real key to being prepared is being ready – and readiness takes some know how.

The cool thing as that you can help yourself, help others, make friends, and have fun, and you don’t have to be some survivalist, paranoid, the-end-of-days-is-nigh sort of person.

To make things simple we’ve broken the key things to learn into five easy lessons:

Know Your Neighbors

Prepare your home and car for the Big One

Learn a Few Needed Skills

Get yourself In The Know

Take the Red Pill

If you get through all five, you’ll be the “preparedness nut” in your group of friends, but that’s a good thing, because then you’l be able to help those you care about get prepared too, and you’ll be ready, for earthquakes, zombie, alien invasion, you name it!