Burning Down The House – Fire Season Starts Now!

It rained the floods of Noah for nine months… so what? Fire season is upon us. As you bask in the glory of the first decent long weekend since the dawn of time remember that you, too, can burn down the house, forest, village – it takes one carelessly tossed cigarette, errant ember, or still hot bbq coal. I’m a huge pyromaniac, all about the camp/bonfire, but campfires can cause wildfires and wildfires can cause loss of life, kill wildlife and destroy habitat and property. So know before you go, and…

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big one Prepare 

Mamma Mia – Keep her safe in an Earthquake

Mother’s Day is this weekend. What if a giant earthquake hit at brunch? I love my mother. One of the first things I’d want to do when the Big One hits is make sure I know where she is and that she’s safe. I’m not saying that my mother can’t take care of herself in a major earthquake, she raised me and made it this far just fine, but it’s important to me that I know she has food, water, a safe place, and is prepared for a major disaster.…

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