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Spring Break and the Really Big Earthquake

It’s time for Spring Break! For many, Spring Break is the start of the family road trip season in the Pacific Northwest. Taking the kids and the pets to the Pacific Coast, or up to the Cascades in early Spring is one of the great joys of living in this part of the country. While just preparing for a road trip with a car kit is important, if you are vacationing anywhere from Northern California to British Columbia, making sure you’re prepared for a 9.0 mega earthquake to strike while…

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Kids, Cell Phones, and a really big Earthquake

Cell Phones Suck When The Earth Quakes My kids all have cell phones. Better ones than I have, to be honest. 7’s. They are bright, shiny, fancy.  They spend hours on them, headphones on, looking at YouTube videos, playing games, chatting with their friends. With my being involved in preparing folks for the giant earthquake, they even have backup batteries in their school bags. When I call they never answer right away, and when I text, it can be a while, sometimes a long while, before I get a response, even though they…

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